Former CRTV journalist, Anne Nsang Dies

The mother of five suffered a cardiac arrest and died on a flight to thee US barely after burying her late father.

Former CRTV icon, Anne Nsang Nkwain who shot to limelight with her advocacy programme on women emancipation: “Women and Development,” is no more. News of Anne Nsang’s death, just barely a month after that of her father, Senator Francis Nkwain; was made public in the early hours of last Saturday.

The former CRTV anchor lady, who was in the country to bury her father, reportedly died in the plane while on her way back to the US to continue her cancer treatment.  Reports say she was discovered dead in Iceland when the plane made a stop-over. Her corpse was then taken to a mortuary in the Iceland.

Medical officers versed with cancer illness however told The Guardian Post that although Anne Nsang was diagnosed with the illness, she might have died abruptly after suffering from a cardiac arrest.  “Cancer does not cause sudden death,” a medical officer who begged to remain anonymous told this reporter.

Anne Nsang became famous and won the hearts of especially the women folk thanks to her advocacy TV programme on CRTV. Anne Nsang was the presenter of the famous The World This Week every Sunday. She was later appointed as the deputy director of the CRTV marketing and communication, CMC, before quitting the state corporation for the United Nations where she was appointed as Information Officer in Yaounde.




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