A Friend Indeed

The Coronavirus pandemic, that uninvited guest, has come to destabilize the World. Never in the history of humanity has an illness been so disastrous and challenging. Medics and researchers continue to burn midnight candles in search of a solution. The more there are hopes of getting one, the more one hears of more deaths. And as nature would have it, this has ushered in a medley of actors many claiming through the use of social media they have a panacea for it. All sorts of concoctions are being prescribed as either prevention or treatment for the disease. The more new prescriptions come up, the more there are doubting Thomases. What is interesting about this ping-pong is the fact that it is equally coming from medics themselves. Whatever the case, the confusion that has polluted the air is quite normal in the face of such a strange phenomenal illness. 
The Cameroon government like many others, the World over, has been on its feet to ensure the penetration of COVID-19, as it has come to be called, is substantially attenuated. Of course, government's dos and don’ts require a lot of sacrifice at individual and collective levels and from both the government and the population. It is the laxity in this sacrificial process that is in itself an added threat to the fight against the pandemic.  The decision by China's biz magnet, Jack Ma, to ferry in three tonnes of medical equipment is such a timely act that leaves no one indifferent. Coming from a country which has for the past years significantly cemented its diplomatic links with Cameroon, is to say the least, worthy of appreciation. The Cameroon nation needed this especially as its population, as underscored by the Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute, remains adamant to its traditional way of life. The consequences are surely very disastrous if this trend of thinking and living continues.
The stock which was received at the Yaounde Nsimalen International Airport yesterday, March 26, is made up of protective equipment including masks and 20,000 screening material. This assistance is coming in to add to similar ones already provided by some companies in Cameroon. From every indication, there is dire need to have such material for prevention and above all urge Cameroonians to change their behavioral pattern. many continue to think COVID-19 is  far from real. Some, especially those into petty businesses are not ready to readjust to the new dispensation. It is true the argument they present is logical; that of seeing government provide accompanying measures, but the situation at hand now is not that of being logical or not. We are talking about health which is paramount to human survival. As the saying goes, a healthy population makes for a healthy economy. For this reason, it becomes absurd to hear someone argue against any measure taken to ensure good health. Now that the gift is there, it will be necessary to quickly dispatch those gadgets because the wind of COVID-19  is virtually  pushing  all Cameroonians into the emergency ward.    



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