North West : Reconstructing A Region In Pain

Rebuilding the region that has suffered massive destruction of property and rekindling hope in people at pain is fervent wish of the population

It has not been business as usual in North West villages and cities since the socio-political and security crisis started in 2016. The region and inhabitants continue to suffer the frustrations of losing property and loved ones. It is indeed, a region at pain that is awaiting reconstruction works, on the strength of the recent Prime Ministerial decision appointing Paul Tasong and Njong Donatus to lead the reconstruction of the North West and South West regions. 
Staring the Coordinators of the project on the face is the huge responsibility of rekindling hope in a region and people that have lost opportunities, property and people. The region has lost hundreds of schools to fire and destruction with the crisis to blame. The teaching and learning process has been reduced to a low ebb. Away from arson perpetrated on school infrastructures, death threats, kidnappings and outright killings and beheading of some school administrators and teachers led to the shutdown of hundreds of schools. The economy of the region has been considerably slowed with the burning of markets, private shops, looting and threats on the lives of business people. Development projects have been abandoned with contractors escaping from threats of death. Health care facilities have not been spared the wrath of destruction; with many abandoned after threats on the lives of health personnel. 
Buildings, housing security and sovereignty institutions like administrative offices, police and gendarmerie posts burnt and others destroyed. Public service and private vehicles have been burnt. Major stretches of roads have been dug to render travelling difficult. Gutters are developing on village and city roads. 
In a nutshell, the crisis has not helped matters for the socio-economic life of the region. The announced reconstruction project is expected to inspire hope in a region whose inhabitants also require reconciliation among themselves. 



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