Cameroonians In The Diaspora : Minister, MPs Exchange Best Management Ways

The Parliamentary network on the diaspora, decentralisation and cross-border cooperation on July 6 met with External Relations Minister on finest means to manage citizens in the diaspora.

In order to better guarantee the protection and help to Cameroonians residing in the diaspora, lawmakers of the Parliamentary network on the diaspora, decentralisation and crossborder cooperation, abbreviated REP-COD, met with External Relations Minister, Mbella Mbella on July 6, 2020 to exchange ideas and subsequent adoption of certain measures. Members of the parliamentary network led by its President, Hon. Louis Henri Ngantcha said they are interested in accompanying the government in supervising Cameroonians in the diaspora. “It is the Ministry of External Relations that manages the diaspora as it has the database of Cameroonians residing abroad. We came to meet the Minister and present our services to accompany the government. Our objective is to be of help to all Cameroonians in the diaspora without exception. Parliament has the role of questioning government as well as also accompanying it. We are here within the role of accompanying government in the realisation of certain objectives,” stated Hon. Henri Ngantcha.

The Secretary General of REP-COD, Hon. Ngalle Daniel said the network will act as a leeway between government and Cameroonians in the diaspora. “You know that there are so many Cameroonians abroad who have the desire to come back home but they do not know how to go about it, so we are going to act as facilitators, as a bridge between government and our compatriots abroad,” he explained. External Relations Minister, Mbella Mbella appreciated the creation of a parliamentary network which will be decided to managing the situation of Cameroonians in the diaspora by the House Speaker during the March 2020 ordinary session of parliament. He presented to the lawmakers the complexities in the management of citizens who for either study, work or visit reasons are residing outside Cameroon. “Diplomacy has several actors and domains, amongst which is parliamentary diplomacy. Cameroonians are in the diaspora for various reasons and it is our duty to safeguard the interest of our compatriots and come to their help when need be,” Minister Mbella Mbella stated, adding that a first Cameroonian-diaspora forum was organised in 2017 on the instructions of the President of the Republic. The objective, he further stated, is to promote investments back home and maintain a firm relationship between Cameroonians residing in the diaspora and their country .



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